Saturday, December 18, 2010

On your 9th...

You could have been in Enchanted Kingdom, riding the merry-go-round with your brothers.

You could have been in the beach or at a resort, enjoying the water in your pink swimsuit.

You could have been in the mall, trying on dresses that effortlessly look good on you.

You could have been in Jollibee, ordering a big piece of crispy chicken joy.

... or you could simply have been at home, blowing your princess cake and eating your favorite menudo.

But you're in heaven... celebrating your birthday in a much more wonderful way.

It would have been really nice to see you turn 9, but apparently, God wanted you on His side when it happens, so I'm just writing this note and sending it across the world wide web until it reaches you. It still hurts to know that we can no longer celebrate with you, but we can always let the world know how thankful we are for the day when God gave you to us.

We will celebrate your birthday the way we know how, but no matter what we do, I'm pretty sure nothing beats the feast that heaven is holding for you right now.

Happy 9th birthday, my favorite inaanak! This is ninang's gift to you. I hope you feel how much we love and miss you. Enjoy your special day, our princess, our angel, our Andrea Camille!

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