Tuesday, August 02, 2005

this thing called blog

lynKs. connecting your thoughts to mine.

yan yung unang title at description na naisip ko para sa blog na'to. kaso parang pang-telecom. haha. kaya ayun, binago ko. one of my insane moments. hehe.

well i just hope, i'd have plenty of time to maintain this blog and create posts about all the cool things happening in my life. I've explored several blogs before, most of them are really interesting. Sana, mine will be as interesting as theirs. haha, asaness, e baka puro kalokohan lang ang ilagay ko dito. haha!

kidding aside, i believe I have been blessed with a wonderful life and God has been giving me experiences that are worth sharing. with those things, i plan to...
touch lives. affect emotions. instill a legacy. (wow, pang- beauty pageant!) ;)