Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ouch ouch ouch!

That was really a blow.

I got so engrossed with everything that I almost forgot.

And now, all I can give in response to that wake-up call is a deeeep deeeep sigh and prayer... lots of it.

Sah, thanks for that (unintentional) reminder.

Got really hit there, but thanks a bunch! I guess, I really needed it this time. ^_^

Friday, February 03, 2006

Nice story...

... here (Dale's blog). Kaka-touch! ^_^

Hands so full

it's been a while since my last post (wala pang kwenta! puro tungkol lang sa cravings ko! hihihi)

Finally, I am back into blogging and back here in the office again. I was absent yesterday for some valid reasons. First, my sister and I had to look for a nice resort where we can spend the day away on Sunday (with the balikbayans). Second, I feel that I really lack time for all the things that I have to accomplish! My hands are so full right now! I really don't know where to place myself or what to do first! Bakit kasi biglang nagsabay-sabay! But I committed to all those activities and I don't regret doing so, hindi ko lang talaga naisip na magkakasabay-sabay sila. Haaay... help me God.

Anyway, I'll be having some relaxation this weekend. I hope I can arrange my thoughts and schedule while spending some leisure time with my family and friends. Well, break really helps! I'd be recharged! =D

I am especially excited for the Peak-Two adventure tomorrow! Weee! Sa wakas, mararating ko din ang peak-two! =D I hope it would help ease my worries away... Hmmm... dami gagawin, pero... kaya ko to! (hihi, cheer ko na lang sarili ko =P)