Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've been planning to post for a while, but I always end up clicking the "Save as Draft" button.
So, I promise myself that I will click "Publish" no matter what comes out of this. :P So what now... well, right now, I'm feeling sad and happy all at the same time.

Sad, coz I was really nostalgic at the beginning of the day. I just miss my friends a lot. I miss those times when work was lesser and responsibilities were lighter. I think, I miss Sarah most of all. Yes, I do. We see each other everyday at work. I talk to her via YM everyday. We're basically at the same floor, same department. We use the same bathroom everyday. Same pantry. We talk to same officemates. But hey, we still seem so far from each other. Sometimes, I feel a pang of pain when I see her with her other girlfriends here at the office. They're also my friends, but... sigh... can't explain. Hey Sarah, I miss you already. Parang sobrang hindi na katulad ng dati noh? Haaay... So there, I just blurted it out. I blurted it out! ":D" or ":-s"??

Late afternoon, my mood suddenly became lighter because of the many good news related to our yearbook. I am becoming more relieved because of the overwhelming support from batchmates. So many good things are coming our way, and I really hope na mag-tuloy-tuloy na. For the past weeks, we already endured a lot of shocking bad news, but whew, God is good! :-) This endeavor is really hard, but I don't want to complain. Despite everything, I am still happy that I volunteered to head this project. After many violent reactions and comments, I am sure that I, together with the faithful members of the Edboard, will face our batchmates with pride and beautiful smiles on our faces. ^_^

Today is a beautiful combination of sad and happy moments. But I will end this day with much peace, contentment and excitement, because tomorrow... is FRIDAY! =D

I might not be this eager to post something tomorrow, so Advance Happy weekend everyone! :)

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