Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Falling out...

Can't explain why, but I feel like quitting. I've been
rehearsing how to say it. I may not be able to justify it, I
will run out of reasons, but I feel it. And gradually, I'm giving
in... giving up...



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

S n i P p e T s

I had a really bad day. My Monday started with something that I regret doing. I "shouted" at my Mama (my aunt, but like a second mom to me). Huhuhu. :( I immediately said sorry, but I still feel guilty. Then I got an email from her. An excerpt from her email:
Cige na forgiven na. Sanay na naman ako sa yo, pag pressured ka mainit ulo mo. ... napapansin ko lately nagiging masungit ka na... ... Hindi k n yung keilyn na mahinahon, mahaba pacencya... ... Don't take this against us mahal ka namin, naninibago lang. Pero kung may gusto ka rin o napapansin sa akin na offending sa yo, sabihin mo lang sa akin and I will accept it. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH
Grabe! Sobrang bait ng mama ko, at sweet pa. Lalo tuloy ako na-gui-guilty. Pero ok na kami ngayon. Buti na lang. :)
I'm still here at the office for another deployment. I am somewhat thankful for this activity, because this means that I don't need to report to work tomorrow. I really feel that I need a break. A one-day break is really really short, but it will help. I want a vacation. Too much stress from work is already creeping in me, and I don't want to reach the point where I already hate my work. Good thing, holy week is already fast approaching. Looking forward to a long weekend!
Speaking of vacation and holy week... we'll be in Ilocos for a family vacation from Maundy Thursday - Black Saturday. Can't wait! ^_^
Last Thursday, my nanay arrived from Hongkong -- still as beautiful and sexy as ever. :) I missed her, a lot. And I'm happy that she'll be staying with us for more or less 3 weeks. :) Finally, she met Nikki already. Initial reaction of my Nanay? --> "Wag muna kayo mag-aasawa agad ha???!!" Haha! With matching high-pitch voice! :P
Sorry for the snippets... can't organize my thoughts right now, I just write anything (and deletes almost everything out of the anythings. Haha!)

I feel sleepy...