Thursday, May 29, 2008

At last...

... a post! :P

Sorry po, I've been really busy with a lot of stuff lately, work mostly. Poor me. But well, after tonight, hopefully things will change. The past few months / weeks here in the office have been really hellish... and to my surprise, the "uppers" noticed how grumpy I am with the hellish environment. Sa totoo lang, natuwa ako na napansin nila, at natuwa ako that they cared to inform me na napapansin nila. Yes! :P

I've fret too many times on the chances of leaving or the prices of staying. Too many times, I ended up saying to myself na "sayang", "saka na lang, masyado pang maaga", "paano ang mga maiiwanan kong alaga (tao at project)?", pero pag anjan na ulit ang pressure, ang politika, ang nakakainis na sistema, napapaisip na naman. Walang katapuuuusaaan! But after tonight, at least I can say na it's worth trying out some more.

I really hope things will turn our okay after tonight. Kung sabagay, trabaho lang to, dapat hindi masyado dinidibdib, but still, I will try to be better, lalo with this adjustment / transition period. Say to myself, this is all part of "career growing up". Learning curves are always there, what matters is how fast and how smooth I was able to drift the curve.

God, thank you for the realization. :)

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