Saturday, September 20, 2008


'Weblog' speaking, I've been offline for quite a while now but no post, does not mean no life. On the contrary, I've been having so much life, having so much fun. :) Just some random happenings to share...

My youngest sister graduated last March. Whew!Graduate na din ang nanay at tatay ko! Yey! ^_^

Now that all of us have already finished college, my mother finally decided to quit her job in Hongkong and stay with us for good. ^_^ Finally, our family is physically complete again. =) As ever, maganda at sexy pa din si mother. Nakaka-pressure dahil mas maganda at sexy pa siya sa aming tatlong magkakapatid...

And the most recent family news: Last Thursday, we just got the initial funding for the construction of OUR OWN HOUSE. Yipeee! ^_^

I have officially tendered my resignation last September 10! This is something that I have considered for so long. Now that it is already final, I'm feeling both wary and excited. How long will it take for me to adjust? What will my new office mates be like? Will I like the project that will be assigned to me? How big will my new post be? How soon will I be able to travel, if ever I will be given the chance? Is business travel really what I want? These are just some of the questions bugging me lately. I am really praying that I've made the right decision. Explaining to people why I'm giving up a promising career in a locally recognized company is something that I have to get used to. To some this transfer is a bad move, but I personally think that I'm making a strategic career move. Oh well, let's wait and see... in barely a month, I'm going to know the answer. Though scared, I look forward to this new challenge. :)

Two weeks ago, Nikki and I stayed up late to have fun with his friends, who I now consider as my friends too. :) Last week, I went to LB to meet with my college friends where we did so much eating and had so much fun! A few hours ago, I just met with my high school friends. Tomorrow, as usual, I will get to see my community / church friends. With the decision that I've made with my career, my list of ex-officemates will have a lot of new entries, but ex-officemates do not become ex-friends. I will surely miss the precious friends I found in SMART, but I anticipate the new friends that I will discover in my soon to be new company. My social network is getting bigger and happier. ^_^

ELBI Comeback with college friends :)

L O V E L I F E (WARNING: Not for the anti-mush especially Joane :P)
Nothing but good news. Nikki and I are going stronger. ^_^ It's nice to observe how our relationship had evolved from boyfriend-girlfriend thingy to partnership. =) I'm proud to say that we are getting deeper and more serious about keeping this relationship for as long as we can. In the past few months, I have witnessed a lot of whirlwind affairs, and I have realized how only few couples can keep a real and committed relationship. Not all people can declare that they are sure about their partners so I'm happy to hear Nikki's confident 'YES' when asked if he's sure about me. :) To reciprocate this natural high, let me borrow one line from my recent favorite novel (Twilight Saga) -- "I Love You. The rest I can live through." :)

I had two great getaways this year! ^_^ My Cagayan de Oro - Camiguin trip with friends was an adventure to remember for life! My DAKAK escapade with officemates was a relaxing experience worth repeating! ;) I'll make another post for these wonderful getaways. :) Unfortunately, my family's supposed Singapore visit this December was canceled due to the need to prioritize house-construction funds. :( Hopefully, we will find the right moment to travel as a family soon. :)

CDO-Camiguin Getaway

DAKAK Escapade

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