Friday, June 26, 2009

Our little boy

Sometime end of March, Nikki and I decided to adopt a little boy. It was a mutual decision. We both took notice of the boy’s potential and competence. He has superb characteristics that made him stand out among the other kids in his group. We decided to take him with us and share the responsibility/pleasure of having him around.

Today, I want to formally introduce him to you. You will be seeing him tagging along with us most of the time.

Friends/family, please welcome BALDO.
Blue Acer Laptop na Dalawa ang Owner
Baldo, when he is not asleep
This 'nametag' was with him when we got him.

If he happens to be around when we see each other, don’t hesitate to say “Hi” or give him a delicate pat. Our little boy is quite friendly. Besides, if we usually interact with you in the online world, chances are, he knows you already. :)

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