Monday, May 31, 2010

A darling

Since I got word from a relative about Sitti Navarro's benefit concert to be held for my cousin, I've started inviting people in my contacts list to participate in the concert and help raise funds for my cousin's treatment. But just for a while, I will stop raving about the details of the event and focus on the more important element of the benefit concert -- the beneficiary -- Andrea Camille Castilla.
This is Camille, my sweet cousin who's also my goddaughter. As you can see in the date-time stamp, this photo was taken on September 2009, a few months before she underwent radiotherapy to treat the big cancerous mass found somewhere near her spinal column and chest. The doctors' diagnosis was Stage 4 cancer.

Around 3 months after the treatment, her parents threw a party to celebrate her 8th birthday. Given her situation, it's a miracle that we were able to witness her 8th birthday, moreso, to see her walking by herself again. This was Camille during her 8th birthday party.
Notice how she can still smile is inspite of all the treatments, the hairloss and the physical pain that she experienced during the therapy! We've got one strong child here. :)

This is the most recent photo that I have of Camille.
Along with the growing of her new hair is the growing of our hope and confidence that we will see her to be a fine young lady someday. :)

Camille still complains of pains in her legs and chest until now but this child keeps on fighting and she needs all the help that she can get. I hope you are with me in giving this darling a chance to a healthier and normal life.

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