Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I miss her!

put down my thoughts into writing... so here goes the first one:

i'm thinking about my lola:

two weeks ago she was rushed to the hospital because of unbearable stomach ache. that was really too odd for my lola. she hates hospitals... she would endure all the pain in her body just to avoid that place. yet, the nuisance that she felt that monday morning must have really been too much. To make things worse… a day after she was rushed to the hospital, the doctors recommended that she be moved to the Intensive Care Unit. That was really a shaking news for our family… lola was just so energetic the past few days, and now they’re rushing her to the ICU!

Today exactly marks my lola’s second week in the hospital. I really feel bad. Comparing her current condition from day 1, she didn’t get any better. I want to cry whenever I see her in her hospital bed. I want to hug her really tight. However, the doctors strictly told us not to show any sign of weakness when inside her room. But it really pains me to see her in that white bed, with all those apparatus attached to her weak body. I feel bad. I really do.

My lola is a fighter. She is a strong woman. Mataray. Suplada. Palaban. I miss seeing her that way. I miss the strong-willed woman that brought us up. I miss my lola! (T_T)

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