Saturday, September 30, 2006

____ ARCHIVE!!!

Can't sleep. Read some old posts. Didn't help. Made me feel even worse.
The little negative portion of my head is getting the better of me again.
I'm feeling.. feeling.. Never mind. Can't blurt it out here. Just
whisper to my pillow instead. As I used to.
Stupid insecurity! Why have u returned??
2ND CHOICE?? 3RD EVEN?? I shouldn't have just known.. T_T
I want to cry.. And cry I will!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sana magkaboypren ka na this year! Hehehe!

God bless! Luvyah! Mwuah Mwuah! Hehe!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bring back the old times.

Last Friday, I went out with Sarah and Arian. We were supposed to have dinner, but we ended up eating desserts. Hehe. Nonetheless, I had fun. :)

Prior to that eat-out, we were in a YM conference through almost the entire day, strictly English YM Conference, that is. :P I did miss our tittle-tattle session indeed! Buti na lang nabuhay ang dating pinagkukwenuthan (sadyang ganyan spelling). Kaso bukod sa kanya, wala nang ibang kwenot. Haaay, tagal nagpahinga ng samahan. Sabagay, mukhang tinutuloy naman nung dalawa yung private talks and dates kahit wala ako. Ooooops!

Wehehehe! :)>-

Tingin na lang kayo sa pics :P

Smoothie, Calamari, Yummy Mango Tango Crepe (Yum yum yum!)

Sa taas yung desserts, eto ang main dish! Hehe! Ganda namin! Hahaha! :P

The tittle-tattles Core Group (reunited. Hihi!) :D

Monday, September 04, 2006

Gary V @ 23

Nikki and I went to Music Museum last Friday feeling excited to see Gary V. perform live. We arrived there one hour before the announced starttime of the concert. I can't wait to see Gary sing and dance again. Weeee!

But Gary Valenciano did not meet my expectation... he surpassed it!

I was more than overwhelmed.
I was awed. Not because of Gary V., but because of the Man whom Gary has been talking about the whole night.
I was blessed. Not by Gary's voice or Gary's songs, but by Gary's testimonies.
I was in reverence. Not to Mr. Pure Energy, but to the God who stood faithful behind Mr. Pure Energy.

It felt so good to cry while medidating on the messages of his songs...

Dati-rati, laman ng puso mo ay ang pangalan Ko, lagi Ako sa isip mo
Dati-rati, inaawitan pa lagi ay may ngiti, mga matay nagniningning
Panginoon, ako'y nabulag ng mandarayang mundo. Ako ay patawarin Mo.

Mula ngayon ang buhay kong ito'y iaalay sa Iyo gamitin mo ako
Gaya ng dati

Just one of the messages that touched my heart during that night, and inspired me to long for more of my Savior's grace... my Messiah's embrace. It felt so good.

I was more than overwhelmed. I fell in love. I fell in love with God, the Man who stood faithful by me through the 22 wonderful years of my life. Also, I fell in love with the man who was sitting beside me during the concert. I fell in love with this "geeky" guy holding my hand, squeezing it tight while Gary was singing these lines...

If ever you wonder, if you touch my soul, yes you do.
Since I met you I'm not the same.
You bring life to everything I do.
Because of you, my life has changed. Thank you for the love and the joy you bring.
Because of you, I feel no shame. I'll tell the world, it's because of you.

The concert was worth it. Ü Try it. Ü

Pics during the concert... Ü

First concert date together. Ü (More to come! Hehe)

Gary V. in action. Woooohoooo!

This guy never fails to touch the crowd's hearts with his songs. He truly is annointed.