Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All about Politics

I got this email containing profiles and pertinent information about the senatoriables from an officemate. Whoever is the original source of this email, thanks to him/her. It's nice to know that there are persons who extend extra effort to ensure that voters will make the right move and pick the right choices on May 14. The email contains (among others) educational background of the senatoriables, their political experiences, and republic acts that they have voted or not voted for. I really think that voters should know at least the political background of to-be senators. For me, it is important that those who will be elected in the legislative slate are not newbies in the political world. How can they handle national concerns, if they don't even know how to address local government issues. This is especially true for showbiz personalities. It's not about them being famous actors -- it's about them being unexperienced politicians. In a legislative position, profession/work is not an issue, but experience is. For me, people like them can run for national position as long as they have experienced how to handle local government concerns, municipal orders, provincial directives, etc. Celebrities are fortunate that popularity is not a problem for them, but they are unfortunate that their work does not give them background and experience on political science, authoring of law, and other must-haves of an ideal senator-- they have to learn first, and they can't learn it in one big stride... just one step at a time. Well, there are exceptions, but in general, outstanding senators were once local government officials or leaders of a smaller unit of government.

This is just me thinking aloud, and sharing how I will base my votes come election day.

I plan to print out the email and share it with my family, churchmates and friends. That's the least that I can do to ensure a desirable outcome on May 14 election.

I hate Chavit Singson! He is not a showbiz personality (although he's trying hard to be) and he has experience (dirty exprience, that is), but he's the epitome of a TRAditional POlitician! If there's a list of who should not be voted on election day, he'll definitely be on top of my list!

Lastly, I hope residents of GenSan will be wise enough to vote Custodio over Pacquiao. I really hope so.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Bakit kaya ang hirap pumayat pero ang daling tumaba? Kainis noh!

No rice during weekdays + a few minutes of exercise works for me. Been practicing that for sometime, at kahit pano nababawasan naman ang excess na bilbil. But when my mother went back from Hongkong, and started cooking my favorite dishes, woah!, can’t resist. I told myself na minsan lang naman siya uuwi, and less than 3 weeks lang naman so might as well show her that I enjoy her cooking. But in that less than 3 weeks, mukhang lahat ng na-lose ko dahil sa di pagkain ng rice, biglang na-gain ko na naman ulit. Huhuhu… Kainis naman! Hmp!

Pano na ang pangarap kong mag-two piece! Hahaha! 8-} As if! :P


Friday, April 13, 2007

One year!

PMS + 1st minor frustration + ... + nth minor frustration = previous post

But everything's ok now. Better. :)

Nikki and I celebrated our first anniversary last Wednesday! ^_^ We both took a day off from work to celebrate together. :) We went to Sonya's garden in Tagaytay! (their site is currently under construction, but I'm posting it anyway for future reference ;)) The place was really amazing! For those who want to be in a serene place, and those who love nature tripping, I highly recommend this place! :D We arrived there a few minutes before 12 noon. Just enough time for us to have a quick tour of the garden before lunch is served. For lunch, we were led to a dining area that can accomodate approximately 100 people. It was so cozy. We were amazed with the meals that they served - all organic ingredients, specially cultured in the garden. Here's a description of the meals served in the garden (from someone who's also been a visitor at Sonya's):
As to the food, you start with the salad, my personal favorite. The leafy greens are grown in the garden itself. The rich and tasty dressing is perfect with the delicious toppings of varied textures and tastes. Toppings served are: finely chopped hardboiled egg, sliced chico (a small, brown fruit) with just about the right firmness and ripeness, sweet mangoes, crunchy nuts and cucumbers, cheese, and corn.

The salad is followed by bread served with several different dips: sundried tomatoes, white cheese, mushroom, and chili, followed by pasta with two sauces. The pasta sauces are: tomato-based and white cream sauce. These can be mixed with shrimps, anchovies, and olives which are also provided separately.

For dessert, there is sweet banana thinly coated with caramelized sugar, and sprinked with sesame seeds all over. There is also sweet carioca. To end the meal, hot water with mint tea leaves is served. (full article here)

They also serve a special chocolate cake, baked from the garden's Panaderia. :D The food was really great and worth the price! ;)

After lunch, we relaxed for a while in one of the mini-huts framed with flowing lace curtains and layered with a soft mat and matched with small pillows. It's an open area where visitors can sit or lie down, and "tambay". Once your back touches the mat, you'll want to just stay in the hut and spend the rest of the day sleeping in that relaxing area. But of course, we can't afford to spend the entire day sleeping there. :P After a few minutes, we headed to the spa area! :D Nikki and I availed of the "Sonya's Signature full body massage"! :D My first-ever full body massage! After the 1 hour massage, the masseurs gave us a relaxing drink -- calamansi juice mixed with mint tea? I really don't know how to call it but it was good. :)

The place is really relaxing, and Sonya Experience is amazing. It was a day well-spent at Sonya's Garden. I am really glad that we spent our first anniversary there. I look forward to going back! We will definitely visit there again, and I plan to book a reservation for my parents. ;)

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