Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Start the day with a blog!

I'm late... again! hihi! Nothing new with that! I reached the office at 10:30, turned on my computer, checked for new new messages in my mailbox, and now... i'm blogging! Wahaha! What a model employee I am! Hihihi!

Why am I late, you just might want to ask? (so I can defend myself and justify my tardiness! :P) Oh, well, I slept late last night. Later than the usual. Thanks to my younger sister who disturbed me the whole night. She's working on a school work, and she needed my help. Kaya ayun, hindi din niya ako pinatulog. It's ok anyway. :D Isa pa, I was really really tired last night. Hmmm... not really tired. Too preoccupied I guess that I can't get myself to sleep.

A lot of things are bugging me lately. One of them is my lola's condition. It has become worse. Today, probably, the doctors will operate on her. They're going to lacerate her throat to insert a tube that will help her breath. It pains me, just to think that my lola will undergo such process. Yet, we had no other choice. :( Uhm, actually, the doctors gave us 2 days to decide if we will let lola undergo that procedure. Most of my family members are not in favor of the procedure (including me), a few, however, wanted lola to undergo the procedure since it's the only way to prolong her life (and in effect, prolong her agony too.) Finally, we realized that we're not the ones to decide, but my lola. We explained the situation to her, her initial reaction was negative, but just last night, she finally decided that she wanted and needed the operation. We had her full approval... a few hours from now, perhaps, the doctors will perform the procedure on her. Gosh, up to now, I still can't imagine seeing my lola in that condition. But then again, we have no other choice. I can only pray that the Lord will not let my lola suffer much.

There's still something else that bugs me. But I want to reserve it for my next blog. Later na lang. Hehe. Nambitin na naman?! Hehe, lunch na kasi e. Ang post na ito ay hanggang dito na lang muna, i hafta feed myself first! :D

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