Friday, August 25, 2006


I really felt frustrated because of all the misfortunes that I had yesterday. I felt like bursting up last night. My eyes have been welling up since that nasty experience with *THE* officemate. I felt so heavy. Tried to cry it all out before going to sleep, but yesterday was really harsh that I found it so hard to recover. Nikki asked if I want to talk about it. I told him that I didn't want to talk about it anymore, I just want to rest, and I bid him goodnight. He replied with this message:

Ok. Di ko na lang muna ibbring up yung topic. Good night na din. Sana makatulog ka ng mahimbing, at sana mabawasan na, kung di man mawala lahat, yung mga frustrations mo.. I sincerely pray that things clear up tomorrow. I Love You, and I really hope that you find peace soon.

Can't help but worry,

Cried even more when I read this. Because of the busy-ness of the day, I was not able to tell him all the misfortunes that I had. That time, I wanted badly to see him in person, tell him everything. I imagined him, drying up my tears. That made me feel so helpless. I can only well up even more. I told him how I long to narrate to him my frustrations in person. He said:
And I long to comfort you. But, right now, I can only tell you that I know that you can survive that heaviness. You are strong; you already were, even before we met. Ü But when the weight becomes unbearable, sometimes, it is best to put it aside, rest for the night, and pick it up the next day with renewed strength. Ü I know that it is hard to put every bit aside, but you can put aside enough, just to have some relief. Ü
No one could have said that better. As if magic struck me and I felt lighter. I thanked him and told him that I may already be strong, but having him now makes a lot of difference. It would not have been that easy to recover without him. Normally, I would just forcecully get myself to sleep with all the heaviness and wake up the next day still not feeling well. But his words made me feel better. A few seconds later, he called, we talked for a while. The spite of the day was swathed by that few moments of sweet conversation. Then we hang up. I stayed awake for a few while, and finally my system voluntarily slumbered in peace. I had a restful sleep. I woke up with a nice mood, and in Nikki's words, I am ready to pick up the heaviness with renewed strength.

My boyfriend is such a great blessing. Ü

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go nikki! woot! :D

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