Monday, October 17, 2005

... just what I needed.

It has been a while… as promised, when I have something good to say and I’m in the mood to share it, I will update…

Yes… something good happened! (amidst a bunch of sad stories though… hmmm.. never mind!) My high school friends and I went out last Saturday night! It was Jo’s treat since it’s her birthday… nag-KTV kami! Actually, I was the one who requested that we go on a KTV night! Ang tagal ko na kasi hindi nakakapag-concert! Hehehe! Thanks to Jo for granting my request. ^_^ I really had fun (and I just needed that)!

We met at 8pm, shared some stories while waiting for the others, had some Kodak moments at the façade of the “bar” and finally went inside the exclusive KTV room. And then the music started playing and the table was suddenly stuffed with so much food and beer bottles! But as usual, no beer for me (and mel)… just Cali and red wine (pambata… hehe)! But that’s not an issue anyway… it has always been clean fun with my High School barkada! Just being with them is really so much fun! It could have been a lot more fun if the others were also there… absent kasi sina matt, cahl, nazz, sha, at si… never mind! Haha! He was the one who ruined the friendship and the relationship anyway! Buti nga sa kanya! :P (mel, dito na lang ako gaganti! Haha!)

We stayed there until past 1am! Haha! We are really grown ups now… years ago, our cellphones would start beeping at 10pm, our moms/dads/sisters/brothers (whoever’s still awake) asking us if we’re already on our way home, or if they’re going to fetch us! Wahaha! Those were the days… I miss being pampered like a baby by my parents and my friends’ parents! ^_^ Yet, I love the freedom that I have now! What’s 1 am now?! …real fun is just beginning by then! Hehe!

Walang masyadong chismax nung gabing yun… we just sang… ate… drank… laughed… and had so much fun! We enjoyed the night! And I realized, that’s just what I needed right now… a moment of merriment with the best of my friends!

Bong was into another drama at the end of the gimmick night. Ungkatin ba naman daw ang nakaraan?!?! Well, I guess, he just had enough beer! Tinamaan ang mokong! Haha! But it was the first time that I saw Bong that way… he hugged me tight and pleaded me to convince Nadz to talk to him… about the past. Haaay, bumalik na naman ang pagka-adviser ko! Wahaha! To cut the story short, everything was resolved… and Bong’s drama didn’t ruin the fun night … oh, well, I guess nothing ever will! :D

After the KTV session, the whole gang escorted me to the hospital. :->

At the "bar" facade... ang layo ng kuha ni manong guard! hehe...

At the reception area... o diba sosyal (uhm... actually, mukha lang!)

ang mga kikays... haaay, i missed these guys talaga! (si mel, blooming, hindi halatang naghihinagpis. hihi!)

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anong 8pm!? 9pm na kaya nakapagsimula dahil sa mga pasaway na mga tao.... pero happy parin ako... pero ung iba sinisisi ako ng araw na iyon... si KEILYN po ang dapat ninyong sisihin... hehehe.... hindi lang si BONG ang nagdrama kaya... pati si TOK.... hehehe.... PICTURES HA>>>>>>

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