Friday, May 12, 2006


'Been waiting for today the whooole week...

Glad another workweek's over. I am two weeks old in my new company. So far, so good. I'm getting used to the loneliness caused by missing everyone, thanks to Nikki for helping me overcome those sad days. ^_^ Really glad to have him around.

Speaking of Nikki, he's probably waiting 30 floors down our building as soon as I finish writing this. Sweet of him to fetch and travel with me on Fridays. By the way, we had a very simple but memorable celebration of our first monthsary yesterday. I got a surprise-visit from him at lunch time, we had lunch together with Joane, he gave me a box of chocolate, met after office hours and had dinner at Tempura, went to Megamall to meet Sarah to buy gifts for Rico and Annie's wedding and baby Kyle's christening, had some coffee and chocolate drink at McDo while waiting for the rain to stop, rode the MRT, rode the bus home, rode tricycle, finished the day with sweet goodbyes. =P Thank God for the good start of our relationship, we've just been through some tests, but we managed. I'm blessed to have this wonderful guy. =)

My wait for today is worth it. I'm sure it'll end up just the way I want to. Thank God for another week that has ended. :-)

Tomorrow, my day will start early for the "good"mington session with my churchmates (which I hope will be a regular routine). In the afternoon, I'll be busy for the Mother's day prep at church. Hmm.. actually excited for this activity. ^_^

Sunday, church day! Busy again for the tribute to mothers. Grocery in the afternoon.

The week didn't start well for me. Got really caught up with the adjustment difficulty. Cried a lot before going to sleep. But not all bad beginnings will have a bad ending. :-)


Oh yes, there's a streak of mushiness in this post. Seems like I'm swallowing my own words after all. But I'm not ashamed, some things are really worth sharing, especially if they are a form of God's blessings! (ang galing ko na magpalusot noh? ;)) Basta, wag na lang yung mga malulungkot na mushy posts!) :D

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hahahaha...welcome to the mushy world! :P

By Blogger reane, at 4:40 PM  

Thanks for the warm welcome, Jo! I knew, you'd be the first to welcome me in this mushy world! Hehehe! =P

By Blogger K.L.Y.N, at 8:21 AM  

dapat ako din may welcome ha.. hehehe

By Blogger Sarah, at 1:08 PM  

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