Thursday, July 13, 2006

Almost weekend...

The week is almost over. Yey! I've been really waiting for the week to end. I really don't know why I'm so impatient with the passing of time this week, may be because my work load is not as heavy as the past few weeks and I have more vacant time, or may be because I have a lot of things to look forward to this week ^_^

  • TUESDAY: The third month of our relationship! ^_^ As usual, he excused himself from work and went here in Makati and waited for me the whole day! Hahaha! Should I be proud of that?! Hihihi! Pasaway na empleyado na talaga tong Niknik na to! :P Anyway, we had lunch at the PLDT Canteen together with Sarah and the other Smart peeps. For dinner, we tried the untried dishes at Tempura! Mmmm... the foods were really good at Tempura! We tried the grill thingie. We ordered grilled Buta(PORK) and "half-cooked" it ourselves using their built-in grill. I say half-cook because in the middle of our cooking session, the grill got busted, so the waiter just cooked the pork inside their kitchen. Sayang! Oh well, at least we've tried the grill pa ren. :D BTW, California Maki was really really good, but Nikki and I still prefer the big Cali Maki of Teriyaki Boy! ;) (Pics to follow).
  • THURSDAY: Last Tuesday, Nikki showed me our tickets for the movie-viewing at the private cinema of Mall of Asia! At long last, Imax, here we come! This afternoon, after I get off from work, Nikki and I will go straight to MoA to watch Superman Returns at Imax! Wooohooo! 8-storey screen, I'm about to see you! Just you wait! :D
  • SATURDAY: We're off to Tagaytay, for the celebration of Arian's birthday! Weee! I've been really longing to go back to Tagaytay and experience the cold breeze again! Mmmmm... I can't wait!
  • Still on Saturday, we'll be staying at Starbucks Tagaytay! Weee, I can't wait to have a sip of Java Chip Frapuccino again. This time, I plan to add peppermint in my order. Wehehehe... natatakam na ako! =P~
It's almost 3:30pm. It's almost weekend! Yahoo! =D

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