Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Akala ko, katapusan na ng blogging career ko! I almost freaked out!!! I thought, I'll never log in to my web log again. But with just some modifications in the proxy settings... I'm still connected to the wonderful world of blogger! >:)

Ito na nga lang ang petiks ko ngayon, ipagkakait pa ba nila! Oh well, good thing, I learned from the experts! :)) Petix 101 is the best training I've had with my previous company. Obviously, I did learn my lesson very well. =P


Nakakainis si Joane! Natakam tuloy ako! Waaaah, Joane, I've been trying to control my cravings!!! Dinisrupt mo na naman ang disiplina ko sa sarili! Gusto ko nun! :((

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well well well ganun talaga para may malolook forward ka after mo sa ofc.di ba? kaysa diretso uwi.hehehe. :P

By Blogger reane, at 8:21 PM  

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