Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Finally... a post! =P

Very hot here in the office. The aircon is out of order, since Friday!!! Whew! Ang hirap pala magtrabaho kapag sobrang init! Oh well, we have no choice but to bear with it. Come tomorrow, hopefully the unit will be up and running again!

Anyway, nice to be back in the office after a “one-day longer weekend. Of course, I want more vacation, more time for rest and relaxation, more time for *dates* =P, but I shrug off the longing for more break by telling myself that if the weekend is one-day longer, then the work-week is one-day shorter! ^_^ Less than four days to go and it will be weekend again. =)

Besides, I think, I would not really mind the passing of days for this week since I will be busy with work. :-s Tomorrow, I will have my first ever User Acceptance Test (UAT)!!! I feel excited, but nervous, all at the same time. I am anxious if I have done the pre-processes correctly and completely, as far as I know, I have completed everything that needs to be done, but grrrr... I just can’t disregard the tension!!! :-SS Oh Lord, please make the activity run smoothly, please make everything all right. [-o<

Hmmm... what else? Ah! We celebrated our 2nd “monthsary” last Sunday! ^_^ Simple celebration again, well, I don’t really mind how we remember it, as long as we are together at that day, the celebration is complete. =)
Details: We went to SM Mall of Asia! :D Huge and extensive, indeed!!! A big bulk of our time there was spent, uhhh... walking and wandering! ;)) We went to the seaside boulevard and marveled at the “"almost sunset view"” of Manila Bay. =) Shortly after, we did grocery shopping at the Hypermarket, had dinner at Sbarro, then, went home. That was it, the celebration for the 2nd month of our relationship, it might seem so typical and simple, but to me it is another special and blessed day that is worth thanking God for. ^_^

More updates! Finally, I was able to join my churchmates for the badminton session last Saturday morning! It was really really fun! Not only do I get a chance to bond with my friends, but I am also able to work out and burn these accumulating fats!!! I will do more of this working out in the coming days! Have to trim out and shape up! B-) Tsaka for healthy living naren. =) I want to be healthy and fit, so I will be able to enjoy more all the blessings including those that are yet to come! =)

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