Monday, July 24, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays...

...always get me down. - The Carpenters

And now, I have to deal with both... a rainy Monday. I feel so down. Not the bad type of down. Just the lazy type of down. =P I wanna stay in bed. Sip a bowl of hot soup or any warm beverage. I wanna lie down in our sofa and watch my favorite noontime show. I want to stay at home and play a series of Word Factory sessions with my favorite opponent. Haaaay... basically, what I'm saying is... I don't want to be at the office today! Not that I don't like my work... I just don't like to work!

Anyway, it has been a busy week last week. Obviously, I wasn't able to update my blog, though I've been meaning to. For the first half of the week last week, I've tried posting an entry via mobile phone, but I always get an error in connection. [-( Now that my mobile connection is back, hopefully I can update this space even without my office desktop. :-)

I really owe a lot of entries to my dear 3 or 4 readers: =P
  • my Imax experience with Niknik ^_^
  • our Tagaytay getaway for Arian's birthday celebration
  • Church Anniversary Sunday Part I (closure of old church building)
  • Church Anniversary Sunday Part II (opening of new church building)
  • I have to update this list
Looks like it will be another busy week for me. A lot of major projects waiting in line. Buti na lang, 4 days lang ako papasok this week! Yey! I will file a vacation leave for my churchmates' wedding on Friday. Unfortunately, without pay yet. :( I've been thinking of buying a nice dress for that ocassion, problem is... When? Not only will I be busy in the office, but also at the church. I have to be home early everyday (for this week only) for the choir and dance practices. Hopefully, I can sneak out of the office early today and spend a 30-minute stroll at the mall- just to rummage through the boutiques.

*Sigh* For I still don't feel like working...
*Another sigh* For the short-spanned weekend. Bitin na bitin ako! :((

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