Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Sincerest apologies to my avid readers and blog fanatics for not being able to update this webspace for quite a long time. I've been caught up with a lot of tapings and shootings, that I didn't have time to update.


Hmmm... it's really been a long time since my last update... and now, I'm back! Wait, how many times have I said that "I am back!" line in this blog? ;)) Dami na yata! Hihihi! Well, I am really back and I promise to make up for all the stories that I missed to share: the Peak-two adventure; Ilocos getaway; Pinag-isang Puso 7; funny lines from my cuzzins; and our family Christmas Party (yes, I'm including this because I made this as a draft before and it's been in the unpublished folder for over a month now). :P But I don't plan to rush things up! :P

But wait... there's more!

God has been really good to me and He's giving me a lot of wonderful blessings and amazing realizations for the past weeks, and perhaps those great blessings and realizations will be a big bulk of what I want to share. ^_^

Well, I am happy. The credit goes to the Lord for being so good and faithful to me! Sas eyharistoyme Lordos!

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