Monday, January 23, 2006

Just a bit of humor

"Kung gusto, may paraan;
Kung ayaw, may dahilan."
I used to believe in this cliche, and I used to share it as an advice to other people.

But just today, I had quite a long chat with a long-lost friend. We talked about the things that we used to dream about. The things we wanted most. The activities we used to do with each other, and how we enjoyed them. We wanted a lot back then. Then we realized, none of them ever happened. Not with his list, nor mine. Though, more than half of both lists are the same.

But I am not regretful, as I expected I would be, years ago. Maybe because the things I wanted then are different from I what I want now. Or do I really know what I want now?? Maybe not much. But definitely not the things that I wanted before, coz after so many years, I am not dissappointed about not achieving any of them.

We used to encourage each other with the first two lines of this post. But come to think of it, is that qoute true? Kapag gumawa ako ng paraan, sigurado bang makukuha ko ang gusto ko? O kahit ba magdahilan ako, hindi ba mangyayari ang ayaw ko mangyari? Hmmm...

I also know of a lot of people who said they want something, or want to do something. Friends used to tell me about what they desire... the next time we meet or talk to each other... they still want that same thing. The things they want, remain a want. In the head, not in the hands. Am I right to assume that they're just not doing anything? Is it fair to say that they're ALL TALK? Hmmm...

Right now, I don't know what I exactly want. I'm just going with the flow. Enjoying what comes along. Hmmm...

I guess, I'd doubt this quote for now, just because I can't apply it in real life yet (since I'm still bargaining with myself about what I really want), and because I see a lot of people say that they want something yet don't do anything.

Besides, I don't see any damage at all. At least, I'm not pressured to make a move (for myself) or expect (from other people).

Thanks to my dream bud, we're sharing the same thought. We ended up writing off the things that we included in the list before, one by one. Then we realized, those are things that we enjoyed doing back then. Our interests have changed over the years. But we're still enjoying our pursuits now. Hmmm...

I guess, we were able to achieve just one hidden item in the list.. to enjoy life! ^_^

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bket nawala ang previous post? yung sa paguwi niyo ni arian..? :-/

By Blogger Sarah, at 10:39 AM  

e kasi wala naman kwenta yun eh, kaya dinelete ko na! :P

By Blogger K.L.Y.N, at 1:16 PM  

naku eh kung ganon, andami ko pala dapat burahin sa blog ko! :))

By Anonymous sarah, at 9:43 AM  

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