Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Current Mood: Melancholic :(

It's probably the weather and the environment. Ang dilim sa labas, parang uulan. Ang tahimik sa office, busy lahat. Setting like this makes me feel unhappy for no reason at all.

I want to talk to someone, but it seems that everybody's busy, or maybe they think, I am busy. Well, I am. But I can't think right now. One of the few moments where emotion gets the better of me.

I was left alone in our area again a while ago. I'm still not used to the feeling of being "unsurrounded" by people. Sobrang tahimik! Good for me that I now have a celfone with built-in FM Radio. It's been playing for almost 4 hours now. Radio's a good companion, after all.

A few minutes ago, Will I ever was played. Haaaay, I really miss hearing from Side A. Been planning to watch their concert on Saturday, but still uncertain about it. We have choir practice on Saturday night and I promised Mama that I won't miss another rehearsal. Now, I don't know how to tell her about the concert, err, I'm not even sure if I'm going to tell her about it. :-<

Grrr... I really hate it when I'm feeling like this. Slightly depressed, can't explain why. :(

Jo, libre mo ako, sad ako. Tsaka, TWIX ko? :(

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Detour destination

I finally linked this blog to my oh-so-neglected-and-forgotten Friendster web space. So to my 3 avid readers (Joane, Sarah, Nikki), expect a little addition to the fans' club. =P

I should have done it before, but I was always wary about the email relay. Finally, I've seen the better side of the broadcast thingie. Since a lot has been happening in my life, and so many blessings are being poured out, I decided to let my network of friends take part in my silent rejoicing. ^_^

Welcome friends and please feel free to leave a mark! This is my way of keeping in touch... =)


Akala ko, katapusan na ng blogging career ko! I almost freaked out!!! I thought, I'll never log in to my web log again. But with just some modifications in the proxy settings... I'm still connected to the wonderful world of blogger! >:)

Ito na nga lang ang petiks ko ngayon, ipagkakait pa ba nila! Oh well, good thing, I learned from the experts! :)) Petix 101 is the best training I've had with my previous company. Obviously, I did learn my lesson very well. =P


Nakakainis si Joane! Natakam tuloy ako! Waaaah, Joane, I've been trying to control my cravings!!! Dinisrupt mo na naman ang disiplina ko sa sarili! Gusto ko nun! :((

Friday, May 12, 2006


'Been waiting for today the whooole week...

Glad another workweek's over. I am two weeks old in my new company. So far, so good. I'm getting used to the loneliness caused by missing everyone, thanks to Nikki for helping me overcome those sad days. ^_^ Really glad to have him around.

Speaking of Nikki, he's probably waiting 30 floors down our building as soon as I finish writing this. Sweet of him to fetch and travel with me on Fridays. By the way, we had a very simple but memorable celebration of our first monthsary yesterday. I got a surprise-visit from him at lunch time, we had lunch together with Joane, he gave me a box of chocolate, met after office hours and had dinner at Tempura, went to Megamall to meet Sarah to buy gifts for Rico and Annie's wedding and baby Kyle's christening, had some coffee and chocolate drink at McDo while waiting for the rain to stop, rode the MRT, rode the bus home, rode tricycle, finished the day with sweet goodbyes. =P Thank God for the good start of our relationship, we've just been through some tests, but we managed. I'm blessed to have this wonderful guy. =)

My wait for today is worth it. I'm sure it'll end up just the way I want to. Thank God for another week that has ended. :-)

Tomorrow, my day will start early for the "good"mington session with my churchmates (which I hope will be a regular routine). In the afternoon, I'll be busy for the Mother's day prep at church. Hmm.. actually excited for this activity. ^_^

Sunday, church day! Busy again for the tribute to mothers. Grocery in the afternoon.

The week didn't start well for me. Got really caught up with the adjustment difficulty. Cried a lot before going to sleep. But not all bad beginnings will have a bad ending. :-)


Oh yes, there's a streak of mushiness in this post. Seems like I'm swallowing my own words after all. But I'm not ashamed, some things are really worth sharing, especially if they are a form of God's blessings! (ang galing ko na magpalusot noh? ;)) Basta, wag na lang yung mga malulungkot na mushy posts!) :D

Thursday, May 11, 2006

One month...

... and still counting. :-)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I was not able to post about my 22nd birthday! Kaya eto na, kahit delayed! hehe!

My 22nd birthday was really memorable! There's no better place to celebrate in than in Los Baños. It was like a homecoming! Not only did I had the chance to see and greet my graduating batchmates but I was also able to spend my birthday with the best of my friends! ;-) We tried a new resto as recommended by Fred, and, well, we were not disappointed with the resto's service, foods, and gimmicks! :D

O diba, ka-gandahan! Hehehe!
(Walang aangal sa laki ng pic! =P)

Everyone, meet Skabby! Thanks Sarah, Joane, Reggie, Arian, Fred, Jaymar at kay Herlin at Tina (na huli na nang mapasama sa listahan) for this cute little doggy. ^_^

More of me.. Hehe! Syempre, birthday ko kaya? =P

Ang aking mga espesyal na bisita. =)

Akalain mo nga naman... may boypren na ako?! =P

Mawawalan ba naman ng picture ang tatlong bebot na ito???

The foods. (Need I say more? Makuha kayo sa tingin! :D)

At syempre, I didn't miss the chance of writing at Big Dad's Shout Out wall! =D

At kagaya ng sinulat ko sa wall...
Thanks Big Dad's for "hosting" my 22nd birthday! ^_^

Those are the pictures of my birthday celebration in Los Baños. We left LB before 5pm, so I can rush home and celebrate with my family. Unfortunately, we were trapped in a heavy traffic, so we were delayed and I was not able to have dinner with my family. :( Buti na lang, when I got home... I WAS GREETED BY THIS...

O diba... ang sweet!!! He really knows how to make me feel special. ^_^
Thanks Niknik! =P
(Trivia: Ito ang first bouquet na binigay niya, at unang totoong bulaklak pala na natanggap ko galing sa kanya. Good ba yun or bad? Bahala kayo, I'm just glad that I received one from him. :P)

(O ayan, may "mushy" post na. Masaya na kayo?)

Thank you, Lord for another year added to my wonderful life. It has been 22 years of overflowing blessings! Words are not enough to thank you for your faithfulness in my life. You've given me more than what a 22-year old would wish to have: a wondeful family, amazing friends, loving boyfriend, blooming career, good health, and immeasurable peace, joy and contentment. I feel so loved. I feel so blessed. And I'm content. Thank you, God. ^_^

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

Bagong Buhay! =P

This is my 7th day in my new company. So far, so good. Everything's doing well, except that I miss everyONE already. :(

Anyway, welcome to my new workplace! Ito ang makakasama ko sa darating na anim na buwan (at hopefully, sa mas marami pang buwan)

Improvements (compared to my previous workplace):
  • This one's more conducive for work!
  • Dividers!
  • I have been provided with my own office supplies (tape dispenser, stapler, pentel pens, pencil, notebook, file case, tape, stape wires, pins, paperclips, etc.)
  • I will be issued a local phone =)
  • Steel Safety drawer (which they call as Portal)
Mga hindi improvements (ano ba antonym ng improvement? Hehe):
  • Purely professional relationship with workmates (puro trabaho!)
  • CD drive (Before, I had a DVD drive with CD Writer, ngayon wala akong CD Drive) :(
  • Internet access na walang masyadong blocked na sites
  • Kulitan moments (na sagana sa opisina dati)
  • Inspiration? (Wala ako boylet dito e!) =P
Oh well, I have to face the truth. I'm with a different company now. A "big-time"organization which is very systematic and organized. I have accepted the trade-offs, but adjustments will always be difficult at the beginning. I just really really miss everybody. But I know, I will manage... soon! ;-)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

First Day!

This is the first day that I got to meet my immediate superior and teammates in my new company! Whoa! Just last Friday, I was with a different bunch of people and after a few days, I was introduced to 7 new ladies whom I will be working with for 6 months (and more, hopefully).

Well, my new workmates seem so accommodating. At the first sight of them, I was greeted by their warm smiles and they instantly led me to my new desk, and took care of the things that I need as a new employee – office supplies, workstation, internet connection (lucky me, I had access to the internet on my first day!), application for email and other stuff!

In the middle of the day, I was handed a new SIM pack which I suppose will be my official work contact number. =P Problem is, I don’t have an extra phone for this new contact number. But I was informed that I can avail of the cellphone loan benefit some time soon. Hmmm… I’m excited! ^_^ (The HR Recruitment staff said that I can avail of a high-end celfone! I can choose among the new kinds that are 3G-enabled! Wow!)

I was also informed of my employee number, which I can use to log in to their org-wide portal and access the company’s important documents and forms.

Well, I’m overwhelmed with how this firm organizes things. I know that it is not as ideal as I view it now, but a good first impression of the company where one belongs can make a big difference.

A few days from now, I’ll be given my tasks, and I expect those tasks to be really mind-boggling. =P But I don’t fret, as long as I like what I do and as long as I’m in an environment where I feel that I belong, there’s really no need to worry.

I hope, six months from now, I’ll still be writing good things about my career in this company. :-)