Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I miss her (even more)!

It's October 31... a special holiday... and I'm at the office. grrr! oh, well, i have to make up for the week-long vacation (if i can call it such) that i had last week. I had to help arranging things for my lola's wake, I needed a break, and I just want to grab my last chance of sacrificing time for lola.

My lola is gone. After a month of staying at the hospital... after 24 days of torture at the ICU, after 5 days of helplessness at her private ward... she finally rested. I am relieved... but sad, VERY SAD. I miss my lola. I miss her so much! At least her painful days are over now... but it's just beginning for us, for all of us who truly love her... I wanna cry! I just wonder how our family will go on after my lola's death. What would Christmas be like? Are we still going to have a family Christmas party? Haaay... I MISS MY LOLA SO MUCH! At least, she's happy now. That's the only fact that gives me relief right now. Lord, take care of my lola...

Thanks to all who sympathized with me and my family for my lola's death. Special thanks for all who spent time to visit my lola's wake: my highschool barkada, officemates, churchmates. It means a lot to me (and my family). Nakakatouch ang pagpunta nyo, sobra! Lalo na sa mga officemates na nanggaling pa sa Laguna! SALAMAT! :)

Sudden turn of events after my lola's death:
1. My mother came home from Hongkong. She'll be staying with us for a week.
2. We will be leaving our current residence. Within this week, we'll be transferring to my lola's house (so that lolo and mama (my aunt) will not be left alone).
3. Tita irene can now leave for Israel. Her trip has been postponed due to my lola's ill condition.

Haaay, I never expected that these things can happen in a flash. Oh, what my lola can do. Miss ko na talaga siya! :((

As I've said, my mother came home from Hongkong last Saturday. We fetched her at around 1 pm. Sarap talaga nang nandito si nanay! ^_^ (pero miss ko pa din si lola!)

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