Friday, November 11, 2005

Didn't know I am... 8-}

You're style is quiet and cute. Guys notice you more often than you notice them, but your relationships may tend toward platonic friendships. You tend to shy away from serious relationships and spend more time alone or with your friends than you would in the back of a movie theatre snuggled up with your sweetie.

Got this link from sarah's blog. And yeah, this is just one of those tinatamad-ako-magtrabaho-kaya-ko-pinatulan sites again. Haha! 'Didn't actually think I am sweet and innocent. :"> Oh well, sweet... I am... but innocent?! wahahaha! pero pwede din! ^_^ Hehe! :P Platonic relationship... sounds cool and timely... but of course, someday I will settle for a serious one! :)

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