Friday, November 04, 2005

sembreak mode...

It’s lunch time… and I have not done anything worthwhile for work yet. Haaay, I just don’t feel like working right now. I miss sembreak! And my mind… and my whole being… is like in sembreak mode!

Hang time na naman ang utak ko ngayon. Ayaw mag-isip, kahapon pa. Grrr… I hate it when I’m like this. I hate it when I am asked to accomplish something, but my mind doesn’t cooperate in finishing the task. I hate it when I’m feeling… blank. I was about to say dumb, but blank is more descriptive of my current condition. Blank and uncomprehending that is.

Hmmm… petix time, while I’m waiting for my brain to recover and start processing again. :D Oh, well, I mean that part of the brain that handles real work. :P

Speaking of real work, yesterday (November 2), exactly marks our 6th month in the company. Ciempre, ang sikat na tanong na “o ano, masaya ka naman ba?”… ay lumabas ulit. Masaya nga ba naman ako? Ewan. Siguro?! DAPAT. Labo noh?! Well, partly I can say that I am happy, satisfied perhaps (at the moment). Yes, a lot of things about this company suck… the system, the bosses (some of them), the organization, the facilities and resources. Yet, the people that I work with, my officemates, some of my superiors… compensate for the letdowns. It’s just hard to leave them at the moment. I’ve been asked a number of times about my stand regarding resigning… about leaving the company. Most of the time, I just reply with “I don’t know. My plans are not yet laid”. But the truth is, I am not really concerned about leaving the company, I am more concerned about leaving the people in the company. Leaving the company, I believe I can do it at anytime, bond or no bond. But leaving the people whom I work with in this company, I explicitly say, I can’t right now. I can never find people like them in a single package ever! ^_^ As of now, I don’t have plans of resigning. I want to see the project through and I believe, there are still a lot that I will enjoy doing with my current workmates. But that is what I want to happen. Things take their own course most of the time. Well, I don’t want to think about it too much. Just fret about things when the time comes that I have to. Definitely, that time is not now (at least for me).

Ang serious naman nito?! Hehe. Tama na nga! :P

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