Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boracay Getaway

Finally, I was able to upload our pictures in Boracay. Tagal na, i know, pero at least habol pa din. =P Our Boracay getaway was really really fun, not just because a big portion of the expense was subsidized by the company, but also because I and my companions really really "gelled" together.

This getaway means a lot of firsts for me -- first time to ride a plane, first time in Boracay, and first TCP (team celebration program, sa mga hindi taga-Smart -- team building).
First plane ride. I was lucky to have been given a window seat. =)


Dagat ng Boracay vs. Dagat ng Manila

First-timers in Boracay - (L-R) Eliska, me and Mommy Evelyn!
First TCP din for Eliska and me.

I went there with some of my officemates. Our department was divided into 2 batches, I joined the first batch because I want to be with a smaller group and because I wanted to do a favor for an officemate who can't join the 2nd batch. I was never wrong with that decision. Since we were a small group (around 20 persons), the group was more manageable, one person can easily relate with everyone else, it is easier to come up with decisions since we there are only a few options, and chance of bonding with everyone in the group is higher. =) I had the chance to mingle with officemates that I rarely interface with at work and I realized that some officemates whom I thought were "maarte" are also "kikays". And one more thing that I like is that we had a lot of semi-professional photographers in the group (a total of 4 guys equipped with SLR cams)!

The ladies...

...and the gents (yung 1 cameraman, nauna sa hotel =P)

Everyone in the group was 'game', which made the vacation more enjoyable. First water activity was Paraw-sailing, it was really really fun! ^_^ Sobrang relaxing kasi you're riding a boat na hangin lang ang nagpapa-andar, tapos may net na naka-spread sa magkabilang 'wing' ng bangka. Nung pabalik na kami sa shore, lumusong kami sa dagat habang umaandar yung boat. When we got to the shore, narealize namin na kami yung group na pinaka-nagtagal sa paraw, at kami lang ang lumusong sa tubig. Haha! We really had a blast! =D
Boracay Paraws. =)

First-half of our second day in Boracay is for island-hopping! The whole island hopping experience was arranged by the hotel. We went to Crocodile island and Puka beach. The Sugar-like sand of Boracay is amazing! The crystal clear water was splendid! The snorkling gears allowed us to see and touch (although bawal yata) the colorful fishes in Croc island. Unfortunately, the corals in the island are already dead.
Crocodile island (named after the croc-head shaped rock in the middle of the island)

Puka Beach (or Pucca beach?) -- this is my favorite! ^_^

Second half of the second day was for Parasailing. Para sa akin, ito yung best activity namin. My experience was extra special dahil inabutan kami ng sunset while we were suspended in the air. Saya! ^_^ View from the top was really magnificent! =D

Third day was free-day. Each of us had our own activities -- some went shopping for pasalubong while the others ran to the beach for their last dip.
Mommy Evelyn and I, looking for accessories.

Eliska and Mommy Evelyn -- enjoying the beach!

I had so much fun! =) I can't wait to go to Boracay again with friends and Niknik naman. =) I'm sure, it will be double the fun! =)

One of the *many* group pics. =)

Complete pics here.

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Wow, lovely photos. Where did you stay in boracay, is it good facilities there???

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