Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gadget Talk

I got a new iPod iTouch. It's almost one-month old now and I'm really lovin' it! ^_^

I have long wanted to have "something portable" to watch movies and TV series with. Fortunately, our company offered iTouch promo at discounted price last December. Payment is through bi-monthly salary deduction for 6 months, so I did not hesitate to avail of the promo. I think I was the first in the short list of employees who were able to avail of the supply. =P

Nikki is the official content provider of my iTouch. Hehe. First series was Heroes. Addictive Heroes!!! Next series, I don't know yet. Suggestions? =)

I have also been using the gadget to rehearse for our upcoming Easter Concert. I can't attend the Monday practices so I was just given a demo CD which I use along with the choral pieces in order to learn and memorize the songs. So useful! =)

Now, where to buy an affordable and quality case for this? I already have a silicon case (free for employees who ordered before December 31 ^_^), but I need another softcase or a protective pouch. Anyone here knows where I can buy something like that? =)


Two weeks ago, Ate and I bought a new cellphone for Mama (our Tita and second mother). We chose Nokia 6300 for it's slim style, user-friendly interface, basic features and not so expensive price. =) Red and silver combination matches her personality more as opposed to the pure black one. I also love the softcase that comes with the unit. =) Mama was so happy with it! ^_^ It's a bit pricey for a gift but nothing compared to how Mama takes care of us while my mother is away. =)


My phone is being so uncooperative these days. Some of the keys are already oversensitive while the others are so insensitive! [-( I had it repaired last year, but the "illness" is coming back. Huhuhu! I want another phone, just a mid-range phone, not so feature-packed, but not so basic. I'm choosing between Nokia 6120 (the pink one) or Samsung U600. I like the look of U600 but I still can't get away with the interface of Nokia. Haaay... good thing I still don't have the budget to buy any of them. =P Tiis-tiis na lang muna. =P


It's fun to have new gadgets, but it's also expensive! =(

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yes. Heroes is VERY addictive. Right now I'm watching Prison Break, Ugly Betty, and Scrubs. Scrubs is on season 7, though, so you'll have a LOT to catch up on. ^^

By Blogger sarah, at 4:04 PM  



your pick:

prison break
how i met your mother
bleach(? hehehe.)

By Blogger JAm, at 4:33 PM  

mamsie here's the list of my fave series:

desperate housewives
prison break
grey's anatomy
gossip girl

hope ul like it too! :)

btw, pangit cam ng u600.hehe


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:43 PM  

Prison Break it is, dahil yun ang common sa lahat ng comment. =D

Thanks thanks! =)

By Blogger K.L.Y.N, at 9:04 AM  

@Jo: oo nga, kita ko sa review na pangit at mabagal cam ng U600. E iniisip ko naman, magiging bonus na lang yun cam ng U600, kasi digi-cam naman ang mas gagamitin ko para sa worth-capturing moments. Hehe.

By Blogger K.L.Y.N, at 9:05 AM  

yiiiiheeeeee!!! enjoy na enjoy sa bagong gadget! =p

By Blogger Nikki, at 6:41 PM  

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