Wednesday, September 26, 2007

House Blues - Part II

For those who enjoyed House Blues... I'm sure you'll enjoy these old posts too:
Haaay, I miss my cousins so much. Things have changed a lot since they migrated to California a year ago. Before, we enjoy their kabululan, but now we're amazed at how "Americanish" they've become in a span of few months. Snippets of our video calls during the past few months:

Kei: Eyon, di ka na ba nagpupu sa shorts?
Aaron: Hindi na po.
Kei: Wow, very good! =D
Aaron: Kasi po, dito po, kapag po pupupu ang sasabihin: "I wanna poo", kapag po wiwiwi ang sasabihin po: "I wanna pee"

(cute! ^_^)

Background: One of my cousins (in the Philippines) distorting her face in front of the Webcam, and getting other people's fingers to pick her nose
Andrea (now 9 years old): Ewww, groooossssss, disgustiiiiing!

Haaay, I miss their kabululan. Sana hindi na lang lumalaki ang mga kids =P.
At sana, di na lang din sila umalis =( Oh well, they're better off now in California. =)

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