Thursday, January 31, 2008


Meet my screen buddies! =) Those are just some of my screensavers/wallpapers. Webshots has been providing me daily good stuff that I can post on my screen. There are a lot of photos to choose from, uploaded by thousands of members from all over the world. Obviously, my favorites are wonderful nature photos. I am always amazed at the splendor of nature. Mountains, sunset, sunrise, close up shots of animals, lakes, rivers… they always look magnificent to me. I am always awestruck at how wonderfully-made nature is. ^_^

Nature photos are very relaxing and can be a good destresser. There are times that my screensavers make me smile, especially after a gruesome meeting or after dealing with a hated officemate. =P People who drop by my area also find the photos nice.
"Kei, ang cute nung rabbit!"
"Uy okay yan ah! Totoo ba yan? Ikaw nag-picture niyan?"
"Ay ang ganda niyan" (sunrise pic is a blockbuster =P)

You can also download 'Webshots Desktop' for free. It is used to organize photos downloaded from their site, set wallpaper to change from time to time and configure screensaver settings. You also have an option to display calendar on your desktop.

Try subscribing! =) If you love to take photos, you can also be a contributor by uploading pics. =) They have a free subscription, but for free account, there is a daily download limit of 5 photos per day. =P I'm fine with that anyway. =) Five wonderful nature photos per day are more than enough addition to my screensavers/wallpapers collection. =D

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