Friday, December 09, 2005

Ditch procrastination!

The first thought I had when I woke up this morning:
"I will finish the document (which I have been working on for more than a week now) today!"
(yuck, trabaho agad naisip ko??)

I was so determined to accomplish that goal! I finally declared to myself that I will ditch procrastination and finish the document today. But just when my spirit is about to soar real high comes the annoying extra-curricular tasks (work-related, let me make that clear. :P)!!!! Aaaarrrggh!

It's past 5 o'clock and I have not done anything worthwhile with my "prospect document". Hmpf! Dame kase commercial!

Now, I barely have a couple of hours to complete the goal!! How nice! Grrr... :-L

I guess I already know how this will all turn out. :-<

By the way, I have joined a conspiracy not to mention anything that would remind the boss about working tomorrow (Saturday)! I really really hope it works! ;))

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