Thursday, December 29, 2005

I keep coming back...

I spent the night at Kaye's place. Wow! It's good to be back in LB. My second home! ^_^

Inee, Kaye, Jerwin and I stayed awake until past 4 in the morning. Hihi. Galeng namin! But it feels good... we really had fun time talking about our past experiences in LB, how we got to know common friends, how we bumped in to each other before seeing ourselves at work, personal secrets, private confessions and... uhmmm... other people! :P CHARACTER ASSASSINATION is really the most entertaining part! Yeah! Hahaha! But everything will remain private as promised, so I better stop before I let some tiny details leak! :P

Puyat, pero masaya. Hindi naubusan ng kwento. Umaapaw ang mga opinyon.
Enjoy! :-)

Thursday, December 22, 2005


... for a few days now. It's distracting, and embarassing. But I can bear with it. There's no other choice.

Besides, it's not that bad. I'm getting used to it. Now, I just smile at them at every pinch of teasing. :P

I've barred my ears. But if something slips, I'd just cooly smile and carry on. That's how it should be.

I'm living with it. Keeping the silence. And smiling.

(and hoping that something more controversial that doesn't involve me would soon come up, so thay they'd forget! hehehe! :P)

Monday, December 12, 2005

E Y O N.

Aaron is my 4-year old cousin who is super cute and super kulit! We often call him Eyon or Yon (based on how he pronounces his own name: EYON) Well, I'm sure you'll love him too! ^_^

Catch a bit of his cuteness and hilarity in these comical conversations! ;))
Bethel (kapatid ko): Eyon, ano favorite subject mo?

Aaron: ha? Ano yun tabject? (subject)
Bumili si Ate Jhem (kapatid ko ulit) ng mga jelly ace at candy at ipinatong sa kama, pero bawal muna kainin, hintayin dapat ipamigay. Bumaba sa sala sandali si ate jhem, naiwan sa kwarto si Aaron. Pagbalik ni ate jhem sa kwarto, wala na si aaron at may balat ng jelly ace sa kama ni ate.

Ate jhem: Aaron! Ikaw kumain ng jelly ace noh?!

Aaron: inde

Bethel: Talaga? Ilan kinain mo?

Aaron: one han (bulol version ng “one lang”)

Mama Shonnie (tita ko): Aaron, halika… (lalapit si Aaron, titingnan ni mama sa mata si aaron). Umamin ka sa akin, ikaw naggupit ng mga pambalot ng regalo noh?!

Aaron: inde

Keilyn (nakikisabat :P): saan ka nakakuha ng gunting?

Aaron: a baba (sa baba)


Isang weekday na nasa sala kaming magpipinsan at nanonood ng T.V., nakatune-in ang TV sa channel 7. Katatapos pa lang ng Encantadia.

Aaron (excited): Yan, Tugo na!

Aaron: ay mali-mali, Tuuuuuu-go!

Keilyn: Yon, sabihin mo, S-S-S-S-S-S-Su-go.

Aaron: S-S-S-S-S-S-STu-go!


Keilyn: Yon, subo ka muna kanin. Kapag madami kang nakain, bibigyan kita ng 5.

Aaron: Ate kei, pwedeng tik na han. (…pwedeng six na lang)


Armond (pinsan ko din, kapatid ni Aaron, habang kinakausap ako): Sunday bukas, hindi pwede lumaboy kasi may simba? Diba ate Jhem, ay mali, Ate kei pala. (sabay ngisi)

Aaron: Aaa, haha! mali ti kuya aymon… Buyoy!


F.Y.I: Si Aaron ay 4 years old na, pero palagi pa din napapapupu sa short! (eew! hehe). Sa tuwing napapapupu siya sa short ay pinapalo siya ng Daddy niya sa pwet (para daw magtanda). Isang araw, hindi na naman niya napigilan ang kanyang sarili at napapupu ulit siya ng walang sabi-sabi.

Aaron: Daddy, hapupu ulit ako tsa tsort. (Daddy, napapupu ulit ako sa short)

Daddy ni Aaron: Ano?

Aaron: Peyo hapalo ko na pwet ko. Eto o (sabay palo sa pwet niya). O wag mo ako papalo ha, hapalo ko na pwet ko! (hapalo = napalo)

Daddy ni Aaron, napatawa na lang. :))


Friday, December 09, 2005

Ditch procrastination!

The first thought I had when I woke up this morning:
"I will finish the document (which I have been working on for more than a week now) today!"
(yuck, trabaho agad naisip ko??)

I was so determined to accomplish that goal! I finally declared to myself that I will ditch procrastination and finish the document today. But just when my spirit is about to soar real high comes the annoying extra-curricular tasks (work-related, let me make that clear. :P)!!!! Aaaarrrggh!

It's past 5 o'clock and I have not done anything worthwhile with my "prospect document". Hmpf! Dame kase commercial!

Now, I barely have a couple of hours to complete the goal!! How nice! Grrr... :-L

I guess I already know how this will all turn out. :-<

By the way, I have joined a conspiracy not to mention anything that would remind the boss about working tomorrow (Saturday)! I really really hope it works! ;))

Thursday, December 08, 2005


... that's how it has been for the past few days. Yeah, lately, everything's a bore!

no fun-filled (and real) get-aways
- Joane had been to Singapore and Malaysia already (with ex-officemates)
- Jorge just got back from a few days stay at Puerto Galera (with officemates, I guess)
- Sarah is currently on her way to Baguio (with her family)
- Kelan naman ako?? *Inggit*

no new stories
- the daily conferences have been cut down to once or twice a week only. It's either the tittle-tattles have suddenly transformed into work buffs, or there's just not much rumors to blather about! I guess, it's the latter (ang daya kasi nung dalawa e! :P).

no funny and cute moments with my cuzz
- Andrea (my 7-year old cousin)
"Ate kei, bakit hindi ka na namin nakikita? Bakit hindi ka na umuuwi sa lola?"

- Aaron (my 4-year old cousin)
"Ate kei, ano uwi mo? Taan ka hatulog hagabi?"

- Pau-pau (my 2-year old cousin)
"Ti tei, itaw taan aleng?"

@ Andrea: Umuuwi ako. Kaya lang pagdating ko sa bahay, nakauwi na din kayo at tulog na, kaya hindi tayo nagkikita. :(

Aaron: Pati ang pagbili ng pasalubong hindi ko na nagagawa. T_T

Pau-pau: Galing ako sa trabaho (as usual). Sa weekend, hindi na ako gagala para makasama ko naman kayo!!

Bakit nga ba wala na akong oras para sa mga pinsan/pamilya ko! Sobrang gala? Sobrang trabaho? Hindeeeee!!! :((

My hands are full right now but I'm still bored. :-< Hmmm... I guess, I just miss doing the things that I used to do before and I can't do now.

Can I just snap my finger and make things a bit more spirited?!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas decors...

It's nearly christmas!

They have just finished decorating our office for the Christmas season. The walls are now full of shades of green, red and some touch of gold! Weee, it's christmas once again. Although, I can't feel it that intensely yet. Christmas carols and christmas accessories don't have much effect on me... yet. The excitement will come soon I'm sure (I have always been excited about christmas, but it's "when the excitement will come" that I am not so sure of). Hehe.

Anyway, this is supposed to be just about the Christmas decors in the office... hmmm... Ang gusto ko lang naman talaga sabihin ay: Nalilito ang mata ko kapag tinitingnan ko ang dekorasyon sa office! :P

sa rooftop...

Umakyat kami kanina sa rooftop ng LGC Logistics building...

wee, ang presko... ang sarap... ang saya!

Very relaxing... stress-relieving... very refreshing!

Ang lakas ng hangin, ang lamiiiiiiiggggg!

Masaya! :-)

Monday, December 05, 2005

Where have they all gone?

Last night, on my way home from another gimmick with my friends/officemates, I witnessed a very disappointing incidence.

In the bus I'm riding is a girl with loads of stuff in her hands. In her right hand is a big and bulky plastic bag, and in her left hand is a box which seems to contain a cake; a big shoulder bag also hangs on her side. She boarded the jam-packed vehicle and found a good spot near the pole just beside the driver's seat. She held on to the pole, and got settled in that position for a while. Then a manly voice shouted from behind, it was the bus conductor-- "Miss, usod ka dito sa likod para hindi ka masagi jan."

She immediately heeded the man's advice. She turned and walked through the narrow and crowded isle to reach the position that the bus conductor had reserved for her. But to everyone's surprise, the bus engine suddenly revved up and the vehicle began moving. The girl missed a step and toppled, right in front of every passenger in that crammed vehicle! The bus conductor immediately extended his arms to assist the girl. And she regained her poise, but she seems a bit humiliated (who wouldn't be?!). The bus conductor took her baggages and handed it back to her as soon as she got settled. And she stood in the isle again, leaning on one of the occupied seats, and still clutching her baggages with her hands.

When I turned my gaze away from the girl, I caught sight of the other passengers. Then I realized that most of them are men. Middle-aged men with real good frames and physique. Some of them looked at her, some just ignored her, but NONE OF THEM OFFERED SEAT TO THE GIRL IN DISTRESS! Such a disappointing scene!

Then I said to myself...
Where have all the gentlemen gone???!!!

Gone were the days where men offer their seats to women, or at least to the eldelry.
Gone were the days where gents offer a hand to ladies loaded with stuff to carry.
Gone were the days where gentlemen let the ladies ride the vehicle first to let them get a better seat.
Gone were the days where gentlemen alight the jeepneys first so they can offer a hand to the ladies as they get off the vehicle.
Gone were the days where doors are opened for women by the gentlemen.

Tsk tsk tsk. Very disappointing.

But I don't have this view for men, in general. Just most of them. At least I still know a number of gentlemen and most of them, my friends. Well, my male friends usually get a reprimand from me if they act so "ungentlemanly" (well, if we're that close), coz I really hate that act!

Sorry for this, I just can't hide my disappointment! Hmpf!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kailan pa?

Ikaw ang aking takbuhan sa oras ng kahinaan;
Sa t'wing ako'y napapagod, ika'y palaging nariyan;
Kung may karamdaman, naghehele'y ikaw din naman;
Ganap na kapahingahan sa'yo ko lang natatagpuan.

Kung minsan ang mga luha'y sa iyo ibinabaling,
Pipi kang saksi sa aking mga hinaing,
Ang mga pangarap ko, hindi na kailangan pang sabihin,
Iyo'y alam mo na, sa gabi-gabing tayo'y magkapiling

Kapag walang magawa, sa iyo din ako tumatakbo,
At malugod mong tinatanggap ang kahit anong kilos ko,
Talagang mahirap ipagpalit ang isang tulad mo,
Masarap kang kasama, ano pang mahihiling ko?

At ngayon, sa oras na'to, hinahanap-hanap kita,
Namimiss kita at ikaw ang gusto kong makasama,
Sana'y nandito ka para samahan ako,
Tiyak na ang pagod ko'y madaling mapapawi mo.

Ngayon, sa oras na'to, gusto kitang takbuhan,
Ngunit sadyang kay laki na ng ating pagitan,
Sana nga'y kasama kita sa lahat ng pupuntahan,
Ngunit may mga bagay na sadyang di mapapahintulutan.

Ilang sandali pa ba ang lilipas na 'di tayo magkasama,
Ilang kilometrong layo ang tatahakin para lang makapiling ka,
Ilang sayaw pa ng relo ang aking papanoorin,
Bago tuluyang ika'y muling mayakap na rin.

Sana'y malapit na, dahil ako'y naiinip na,
Bugbog na ang aking isipan, katawa'y pata pa,
Ikaw lang ang sa aki'y makapagbibigay ginhawa,
Aking kama, ikaw ay miss na miss ko na!

Uwi na tayo!

Gusto ko nang humiga. Gusto ko nang umuwi at magnakaw ng isang maayos na tulog. Gusto ko nang makarating sa bahay, demeretso sa aking kwarto at humiga sa aking kama. Gusto ko nang magpahinga. Pero paano ko gagawin yun kung hanggang ngayon ay nandito pa ako sa opisina! Alas kwatro-korenta'y otso na at nandito pa din ako sa harap ng kompyuter-- masakit ang mata, ngalay ang batok at likod, pata ang buong katawan. Pagod, puyat, bangag!

Utang na loob, umuwi na tayooooooooo! *buntung-hininga*

Thursday, December 01, 2005

chocolate day!

weeee! hindi ko maitago ang aking kaligayahan... apat na tsokolate ang aking natanggap galing kay Manfred (3 kitkat na malalaki) at Dog-dog (1 cadburry chocettes). Yipeee!

Nakakataba ito... pero... curse katabaan, masarap ang tsokolate! :P

Fred and Dog, you definitely made my day! ;) Alabshu! ^_^

Tenkyu tenkyu! ^_^

[ Bakit ngayon, parang ayaw ko na kumain ng aking favorite Kitkat kung hindi rin lang bigay?! ;)) ]